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Schedule Updates and Rain Outs

By Scheduling Coordinator, 10/28/22, 10:00AM CDT


Rainout rescheduling updates for the last two weeks of the fall season.

Update as 11/11/22

Starting today, any games that rain out will not be rescheduled.  We have reached that point in the season where cancelled games will no longer fit on the existing schedule. 

Both cities, the umpire association and myself have worked diligently on the back end to get these games played.  But the weather will not cooperate with us.

Note for coaches:  if you reached out to me to notify me that you’re surrendering a game and it’s not updated online.  Please let me know ASAP.  Surrendered games / forfeits should have a “forfeit” note and a 0-6 score entered (by me).  Please do not go in and do it yourself as the lights are still scheduled, and umpires & your opponent will show up as scheduled.  The best way to handle these games was for me to enter a forfeit.  So, I can take care of the above items. 

If you need to take a forfeit for the upcoming days, please do so the day before your game.  Same day is too late.  I may not see your email and I don’t want your opponent and umpires to show up for no reason. 

Fall 2022 is scheduled to come to a close on Monday 11/14/2022.

Update as 11/7/22:

All the rained-out games have been rescheduled.  Please look at your game schedule. 

The Fall season was scheduled to end on Saturday 11/12.  However, both the City of Carrollton & Farmers Branch agreed to give us one more week to get the games completed.  Most of these rescheduled games were added to Sunday 11/13 & Monday 11/14, only.  As the rest of that week (Tue 11/15 – Saturday 11/19) is scheduled to rain.

If you decide as a team that you cannot play on the day / time your game moved to please reach out and let me know ASAP and I’ll remove the game. 

When I remove a game from the schedule, the following needs to happen:

  • The lights schedule needs to be modified
  • Your opponent needs to be notified
  • The city needs to be made aware of the vacant field
  • The folks that open & close the fields need to be alerted
  • The umpires need to be made aware.
    • In the event you can’t play your game as scheduled, it will cause a gap in the umpire schedule, there is a high possibility the game before you or after you may not have umpires.

I can get all the bullet points above taken care of for you, but you’ll need to reach out to me in advance.  Sooner rather than later, please.

Please try to make these games work if possible, so everyone can get their games completed.  When a team decides, they don’t want to play the game for whatever reason, it not only affects them it also affects their opponent.  And the opponent may want to desperately play or need the game to meet their game minimum.  And I wouldn’t have enough time to get them a different opponent.

Note: if Monday 11/7 or Tuesday 11/8 games rain out, we will add these games to Sunday 11/13 & Monday 11/14. Any game that rains out as of Wednesday 11/9 will not be rescheduled.

I thank you in advance for your patience while we try out hardest to work around this Texas weather.

Update as 11/2/22:

Due to the inclement weather, we are supposed to receive on Friday, the league has decided to start moving games from Friday 11/4 & Saturday 11/5 to early next week.  Reschedules could be as early as Tuesday 11/8.

Also, both Farmers Branch & Carrollton have granted us a one-week extension to finish the Fall season.  We will only do this if it’s an absolute must, to help teams meet their minimum number of games.  If games have to be moved to the week of Sunday 11/13 -Saturday 11/19, this would be our last opportunity to get the games played.

Thanks for your understanding on this crazy Texas weather!

Update as 10/29/22:

The fall season ends Saturday 11/12.  We will continue to reschedule games to get as many played as possible.   

You’ll possibly see things that we typically stay away from:

  • Double headers for the 7/8 division and above (Fri, Sat & Sun only)
    •  Double headers will be booked in back-to-back slots or with one game between them, but no more.
  • 2 + back to back days of games
  • Dual coaches could have games at the same time and different cities
  • Normal off days like Wednesday and Sunday will be filled with games
  • Games could go later on Saturday and Sunday than normal

We will schedule around your blackout days. However, if you end up with a game that does not suit you, we ask that you take a forfeit and let me know ASAP.  I could put another game in that slot.

Please be aware we have rain in the forecast from now till the season ends. Thank you in advance for your patience with the game schedule.  

 Rain Out Info Options

Option #1: Phone Numbers

Farmers Branch Fields (Pepper, Oran Good, & Jaycee): 972-919-1455

Carrollton Fields (McInnish): 972-695-2355

Option #2: Rainout Line app / website:

Search “Carrollton” or Farmers Branch”

All recordings / apps / websites should be updated by the cities:

M-F by 4:00PM & Saturday /Sunday by 7AM.



Liz Cardenas


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