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Carrollton/Farmers Branch Baseball Association (CFBBA) will follow the most current USSSA Baseball and Sporting News major league rules. The following CFBBA rules/notes will override the above books.

League Age Determination

Determine the divisions your child is eligible to play in.

Rules Quick Reference

A reference to rules across multiple divisions - innings, game length, mercy rules, etc.

7-14 Common Rules

Rules that apply generally to all age groups between age 7 and age 14.

Pregame Requirements

  • Home team of first game sets up the bases if not already set, chalks the base lines and batters boxes and sets up the scoreboard controller at all fields. Home team is responsible for completing the scorebook and must use the official scorebook provided by CFBBA. Failure to have someone available to complete the scorebook will result in the loss of home team advantage. Visiting team is responsible for manning the scoreboard controller.
  • Home team is assigned the first base dugout, and visitors are assigned the third base dugout.
  • Let the umpires know which division your team is in, if applicable, and go over the rule caveats.
  • Provide two game balls to umpire. If balls are fouled off, Umpires may ask for additional baseballs. Please have a couple of gently used baseballs ready.

Postgame requirements

  • Score card should include scores, pitchers last names, date, division, and innings pitched. All info should be verified and signed by each coach.
  • Winning Team must report the score on the website by the next morning.
  • Home team of the last game puts up the bases (FB Fields Only) and puts away scoreboard controller with the official book on all fields.

Postponed / Rescheduled Games

  • Games will only be rescheduled if postponed or cancelled due to weather.
  • Make-up games are rescheduled based on field and umpire availability.
  • Make-up games will be rescheduled based on team availability as provided by the blackout list.

Minimum Playing Time

  • Each player must play a minimum of two (2) defensive innings, but these do not have to be consecutive.

Forfeited Games

  • All teams involved in a scrimmage due to forfeiture will vacate the playing field at least 1/2 hour before the next scheduled game.
  • Umpires are not allowed to remain for any scrimmage, which may result from forfeited games.
  • A team failing to field at least eight (8) uniformed players within the grace period must forfeit the game. If a team starts the game with only 8 players, the missing 9th player will be an automatic out until he enters the game. This occurs in the ninth batting position. Teams are allowed 15 minutes (grace period) after the regularly scheduled game time to field the required number of uniformed players. The clock starts running when the umpires/coaches start the plate meeting.
  • Pool players, see Rule 13 (e)

Play Interruption

  • Team huddles are allowed at the umpire's discretion. Umpires should discourage such huddling when it tends to delay a game.

Coaches Leaving Coaching Box

  • No coach is allowed to leave his coaching box or dugout and enter the playing field without first receiving permission from an umpire. The coach's box is defined by the length of the dugout and the foul line.

Full Roster Batting

  • Full roster batting will be used in age groups 12 and under.
  • In any division where full roster batting is utilized, if a player becoming injured or unable to play, his spot in the order will not be considered an out unless the batting roster falls below 9 players.

Appeals / Protest

  • Appeal play may be used in a game. See Official Baseball rules for process.
  • When a decision is made by an umpire that is in conflict with established baseball rules, a coach may request time to approach the umpire responsible for the decision.
  • It is then up to the discretion of the head umpire to reverse the call. Based on the final decision of the umpire, the coach may choose to take whatever action is provided for under the rules governing the procedure for filing a protest. The fee for filing a protest is $100. This fee is refundable if the final judgment is in your favor. Judgment calls cannot be protested.
  • See protest procedure form (obtained from league)


  • Any coach, who requests time and then once it is granted, proceeds to question, dispute, argue, or in any way displays disapproval with a judgment call such as, but not limited to, balls, strikes, safe, out, fair, foul, obstruction, interference, unsportsmanlike conduct, or balks, etc shall be removed from the game and required to leave the confines of the playing and spectator areas.
  • The parking lot is the closest the ejected person can be to the field. For failure to leave, the head umpire has the option of forfeiting the game to the other team.
  • Any ejected coach or manager is subject to suspension from the next game played by that team, at the age group VP & League Presidents discretion. Any coach or manager ejected by an umpire for a second time will be suspended for 4 games, beginning with the next game. The third time a coach or manager is ejected by an umpire, the coach or manager will be removed from their position as coach or manager for the remainder of the season.
  • If a manager or coach makes any physical contact with an umpire in an effort to show disagreement with a decision:
    • That manager or coach shall be ejected from the game and required to leave the confines of the playing and spectator areas.
    • A minimum four-game suspension comes into effect beginning with the next game.
    • Any subsequent ejection for physical contact will result in the coach/managers dismissal for the season.
  • Control of spectators is the direct responsibility of coaches and their respective teams.
  • If an umpire warns any spectator to refrain from continuous verbal or physical disagreement/harassment, the coach or manager of the spectator's team is directed to control his spectator. The individual will be warned that continued action will result in his or her ejection.
  • If ejected, the individual(s) and the coach must leave the premises within 2 minutes, or the game will be forfeited.

Player Suspension

  • A player ejected from the game is subject to a one game suspension, subject to appeal to the age group VP & Divisional Presidents.
  • A player ejected for a second time will be suspended for 2 games, beginning with the next games played by the players team.
  • Ejected players are required to remain in the dugout.
  • Suspended players are required to serve their suspension in the dugout during the games for which they are suspended.

Equipment & Jewelry

  • Cleats: Refer to age group rules.
  • Jewelry: Players are not allowed to wear jewelry, except for medical information/identification.
  • Sunglasses: Only prescription sunglasses are allowed while a player is at bat. Any type of sunglasses may be worn in the field, with the exception of the pitcher. He can only wear sunglasses that are prescription.

Roster Additions

  • A player may not be added to a team's roster without prior board approval.
  • Any player added to the roster of a team after the first game of the season is ineligible to pitch or catch without board approval. All roster additions must be approved by the age group Vice President.
  • Paperwork on all roster additions must be provided before the player plays in a game, exception pool players see Rule 13 (e)
  • Players can only play on one team in CFBBA; however, a player may play on one CFBBA team and another team that does not play in CFBBA such as a select or traveling team. CFBBA is not responsible for scheduling conflicts that arise due to playing on multiple teams.
  • Rule 13 (e): Pool players are allowed to be used if a team has less than nine players and must be registered in CFBBA.
    • You can only use pool players to bring your game line-up to 9.
    • Pool players can't pitch or catch and must bat last.
    • If at any time during the game one or more of the players on the team roster show up the non roster players will be replaced with the roster players.
    • League age requirements are in effect; however, players registered to play in an AA division, may not pool play in a single A division. A player registered for a single A division may pool play for a team in the AA division of their own age group. 9/10 Kid pitch players may not pool play for 9/10 Machine Pitch players.

Game Play

  • All games will finish the inning unless the home team is winning.
  • 5 minute rule: no NEW inning may be started with 5 minutes or less remaining in regulation time. Effective Fall 2021
  • For ages 3-6 refer to CFBBA Rules and Regulation for Ages 3-6.
  • For ages 7-14 refer to CFBBA Rules and Regulations for Ages 7-14.